20 Awesome Resources to Help You Master Social Media

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These consist of a variety of helpful how-to’s, templates, and posts that I’ve bookmarked to help you master your craft.

All of the links below either lead to a downloadable pdf file, scribd, box.net , or the author’s website where you can read the post, ebook, or guide.

Also, a quick disclaimer: I REALLY encourage you to contribute to the author in some way, whether it following them on Twitter, or subscribing to their email newsletter.

Here they are:

What is Social Media by iCrossing
A bit of an older guide, but still a straightforward summary on social media, intended to give you a brief overview and act as a reference guide. 

How to Turn Complaints Into Compliments & Compliments Into Brand Advocates
We all need to be listening online. KissMetrics posted an excellent article on how exactly to monitor your online brand mentions, and essentially address and convert complaints into compliments creating stronger brand advocates.

218 Ways to Make Your Online Marketing Rule in 2012
And I thought coming up with 20 ways were great, 218? Unbounce really takes it to the next level, sharing their top 218 resources of online marketing for 2012.

101 Examples of Social Business ROI
It’s critical when approaching companies that we clearly understand and are able to demonstrate the ROI with social initiatives. Peter Kim from the Dachis Group shares with us 101 examples of Social Business ROI.

7 Twitter Habits To Adopt In 2012 To Double Your Followers
Leo at Bufferapp shares with us 6 easy twitter habits that will help anyone looking to expand their Twitter following and make it work more effectively. I will admit, I’ve implemented some of the recommended habits last week, and have already notice a difference

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing With Facebook’s Social Plugins
HubSpot’s is known for their exceptional content. In this post they cover each of Facebook’s Social Plugins, demonstrating how you can put them to use to improve you websites social capabilities.

Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2011 by Social Media Examiner
A significant 3300 social media marketers provided valuable insight you won’t find elsewhere.

9 Companies Doing Social Media Right and What You Need to Know by Social Media Examiner
How are other companies using social media and what can we learn from them?

Developing a Social Media Strategy by Red Cube Marketing

A step-by-step guide, from getting buy-in at the start to ongoing management, in an easy to follow, straightforward style.

7 Steps to Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Business
7 critical questions which first need to be answered before you, or your company, decides to dive into a social media or digital marketing.

How to Leverage Social Media for Public Relations Success by HubSpot
An ebook by HubSpot to using social media to generate media coverage and improve brand sentiment.

How to Monitor Your Social Media Presence in 10 Minutes a Day by HubSpot
A guide to streamlining your social media process.

Let’s talk Social Media for Small Business by Duct Tape Marketing
This eBook helps break social media down into easy-to-understand pieces, so you can make use of this powerful resource in a way that grows your business.

Podcast Marketing eBook by Christopher Penn
This guide also assumes that you have a podcast, that you’ve already created at least one episode, and that you have a web site & blog to support your podcast.

Social Media and Social Networking Starting Points by Chris Brogan
An ebook if you’re looking to show an organization how to get into social media and social networking.

Social Media and the Banking Industry
This report looks at community building and blogging within the banking industry.

Social Media Marketing Kit by HubSpot
HubSpot’s free Social Media Marketing Kit gives you the tips and tricks you need to harness the power of the social media to find more potential customers, develop meaningful relationships with others in your industry, and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Social Media Press Release Template by Shift Communications
SHIFT Communications have created a new kind of press release — a social media press release.

The Art of Community Now by Art of Community Online
This is an awesome ebook recommended by Mashable for anyone interested in community development. (You can download the entire book for free and share and modify it under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Non-Commercial license.)

The Essential Guide to Social Media by Brian Solis
An executive outline of social media tools and resources needed to listen and participate, guiding PR, customer service, product development, and marketing.

What others would you add to this list? Post them below (even if their your own) and I will include them in an upcoming post!

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